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About us

Evgeny A. Primakov, Founder of Russian Humanitarian Mission, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Evgeny was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. He is a graduate of Russian State University for the Humanities, History and Philology Faculty. The author and anchorman of the Mezhdunarodnoye Obozrenie (International Review) airing on Russia24.

“I was working in the Middle East when we set up a non-commercial agency Russian Humanitarian Mission together with my colleagues. The mission is to help people suffering from wars and catastrophes. We know how to work with refugees. We can open humanitarian corridors and organize convoys. We deliver humanitarian aid according to international standards: accurately, professionally and honestly.

The autonomous non-governmental organisation “Russian Humanitarian Mission” is a non-commercial organisation providing humanitarian and charity activities to help people suffering from social, national, religious and war conflicts, subjected to repressions, refugees and internally displaced persons. RHM also promotes consolidation of peace and friendship between nations and works to prevent social, national and religious conflicts. RHM is the first Russian non-governmental organisation providing professional humanitarian assistance predominantly abroad.

Alexey M. Polkovnikov, Director General

RHM is a team of professionals with long-term experience in international humanitarian activity. RHM elaborates and implements educational and medical programs, emergency relief projects and humanitarian aid with all-inclusive logistics support.

Our mission is to help people in crisis created by war conflicts, natural disasters and poverty.

RHM works in Russia as well as abroad.

RHM is not a political organisation but we emphasize that the organisation originated in Russia.

RHM follows internationally recognised humanitarian

assistance principles – equity, transparency and gratuitousness.

Our aim is world with less grief, injustice, suffering and evil.

Our instruments are good will and expertise.

Amongst our activities we offer help and support to refugees, we fight illiteracy, we teach Russian, we bring medical assistance and we educate professionals wherever it’s needed most. In addition to this we provide extensive logistical support in hard-to-reach regions, war conflict zones and natural disaster areas.

We are ready to work wherever we are needed.

Our team includes:

doctors with international mission organisation experience

honored Russian rescuers who have taken part in over

than 100 missions all over the world

professional educators with wide experience

experienced volunteers

logistics experts

war reporters.

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